Outlook Email Video Tutorials

outlook email vs. marinoni printing pressMost of these short video tutorials are under 6 minutes. They show you how to use Outlook email software with basic to intermediate tasks.

Who should learn Outlook email?

Personal assistants and secretaries must know how to schedule meetings. Tech consultants and project managers also schedule meetings. Anyone working in an office can benefit from these video tutorials.

Why you should learn Outlook email?

Many businesses depend on Outlook email for daily tasks. Learning how to use Outlook software can prepare a consultant before submitting a project proposal. Clients that depend on Outlook email software to schedule meetings and reminders will hire consultants that are familiar with it. Knowing how to use Outlook email software helps you work effectively with your entire team. It’s also a common computer skill that should be on any office worker’s resume.

What, where, when, and how to learn Outlook email?

Watch the video tutorials on a tablet while repeating the actions on a computer. Learn from any location with an internet connection. Plan to learn anytime you want. Lunch breaks, vacation, weekends, before or after work are common times to learn. Plan and schedule your learning for full time if you can.

Certificate of Completion

These video tutorials are part of an entire course from lynda.com. You can earn many Certificates of Completion with lynda online courses. The Certificate of Completion will show that you are trained to use the Outlook email program.Do these video tutorials help you with your own career goals? How often do you use the Outlook email program? Get 7 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com.

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