Fibonacci Java Assignment

Details for this Fibonacci with Java assignment are included in this post. Create one blog post with all of the following for this assignment:

  1. Create your own personal notes based on what you read for the Fibonacci lesson. Keep your notes short & focused, following the note taking suggestions in the references at the end of this post.
  2. Create a 2 to 5 minute video review of your java projects for this assignment and upload it to YouTube as a public video, following the guidelines later in this post.
  3. Embed your YouTube video or Link to your YouTube video on your blog post.
  4. Include a link to your public Github repository for this assignment.

YOUR BLOG POSTYour personal notes should be short and focused to include what stood out the most to you as something you want to remember in the future. Review the note taking suggestions you will find in the references at the end of this post.YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOYour YouTube video title: “Fibonacci with Java Assignment for Project”.Your YouTube video description:  “This is my video review of my Fibonacci with Java assignment for”.  You can include more details if you wish, but please include the minimum I’m asking you for to make it easier for our team to locate your work.Your YouTube video keywords: “java, fibonacci, assignment, monigarr”Your video content should include the following:

  • Start video stating Your Name, the current Date, and brief description of what your video is going to show.  (example: “My name is Monica and today is August 25th 2014. This video is going to review my Fibonacci Java Assignment for”)
  • Show your computer screen and briefly show your work while describing what you are showing (java files in browxy files you created or edited & why you did that, one or two specific pieces of code you learned about.
  • End video with a link to your Browxy java file and state what you just showed the audience (example: This concludes my video review of my Fibonacci Java Assignment for”).

Go the Extra Mile? This is optional, but you might enjoy going the extra mile to promote your work and connect with other software developers.

  • Be confident and be yourself. If you want to be humorous, go for it. If you want to show viewers what is unique, entertaining, and valuable about your views of the topic in your video, go for it.
  • Ask your viewers a question about the topic in your video and invite them to answer your question in the comments for your video.
  • Invite your viewers to comment on or ask questions about the content in your video or the specific java android code in your video review. This is a great way to network with other software developers and promote your own work.
  • Consider enabling monetization on your videos to earn a little extra money from YouTube advertisers. Review the YouTube guidelines to improve your earnings and your video popularity:
  • Share your videos on all your social networks to help you connect with other software developers and employers that are looking to hire a software developer like you.

FIBONACCI JAVA LESSON Review and complete the following four lessons from the official android developer training website. Download the sample code for each lesson, run each sample app from your Android Development Environment (Eclipse or Android Studio. Android Emulator or GenyMotion Emulator or Physical Android Device), look over all the code, edit it, break it, and get it back to working again. Get used to how the project is setup and how the code all works together.

  1. Compute nth Fibonacci numbers with Java

YOUR BROWXY JAVA FILE Create your own browxy java file for the lesson above. Follow good practices and include:

  • Author comment at top of your file with the following:
  • // Author: Your Name,
  • // Date: month/day/year
  • // Fibonacci with Java Lesson for

FIBONACCI JAVA QUIZ Complete and Pass’s Fibonacci with Java Quiz


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