Java Basics Tutorials

java programming language basicsWhat are Java Basics?Java is a programming language that is very popular and used for developing mobile apps and software programs. You will want to understand, be able to explain, and show how to code samples of all the following Java programming language basics:

  • Java Environment Setup
  • Java Basic Syntax
  • Java Object & Classes
  • Java Basic Datatypes
  • Java Variable Types
  • Java Modifier Types
  • Java Basic Operators
  • Java Loop Control
  • Java Decision Making
  • Java Numbers
  • Java Characters
  • Java Strings
  • Java Arrays
  • Java Date & Time
  • Java Regular Expressions
  • Java Methods
  • Java Files and I/O
  • Java Exceptions

How to learn Java Basics?

I’ve included links in the references section of this post. You will find a ton of online learning resources that show you basic Java programming language concepts, let you compile and run java solutions, and provide more learning resources.The following free video tutorials from Lynda can also help you learn more basic skills with the Java programming language.


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