Effective Internet Research

Places to Search

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the most popular search engines available. Every specific industry, topic, and interest will also have many research databases available online or at the physical locations of the specific industry and interests.

Define your Search

Write down exactly what you are searching for as a question. Examples:

  • How many businesses are in Akwesasne?
  • How many clothing stores are in Akwesasne?
  • How many business are in Akwesasne New York?
  • How many businesses are in Akwesasne Ontario?

Modify your Search

Remove filler words out of your search question. Fillers words you want to remove will be “the, if, what, how, many, are, in”.  In our previous examples, this leaves us with the words “clothing, businesses, Akwesasne, New York, Ontario”.

Filter & Refine your Search

Review the search modifiers and use them to filter and refine your search. Surround a search word or phrase with double quotes to search for the exact word or phrase. Add a dash to the front of a word or phrase to exclude it from your search results. Use an asterisk for a wildcard search.



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