Brand Yourself


A brand is the public image or perception that others have about you, your company, your services, and your products. Customers’ expectations of specific brands can be seen in most of the popular brands online tag lines, corporate mottos, and company vision statements.


Individuals, job hunters, entrepreneurs, small companies, corporations, and Nations all have a brand.


  • All Media: social, radio, tv, print, internet, audio, video, visuals.


Everyone is branding them self everyday with their choice of clothing, actions, and habits. Companies that consistently provide 4 start customer service and individuals that consistently keep their promises are all creating a positive brand image. Consistency is the key to creating your own brand.


Every one has their own reasons for consciously creating their own brand. Job seekers, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, and even Single people hoping to find a marriage partner each have their own reasons for wanting to create their own brand. Only you can define why you want to brand yourself. Make time and write down reasons for branding yourself. Your own reasons will help you define exactly what you want to build your brand image to be and if you need to focus on improving, changing, or removing any habits to reach your goals.


  • Create Brand Guidelines Document and Templates.
  • Create Relevant Webpages and Social Profiles about Yourself.
  • Optimized to be Search Engine Friendly.
  • Update and Promote Over Time.
  • Consistent Logo, Color, Font, and Layout. GraphicRiver
  • Consistent Tags, Titles, Keywords, Phrases to describe yourself on all media.
  • Consistent Update Schedule. (ie: every Tuesday at 1pm or every day at 9am).
  • Consistent Habits that build your brand. (example: always on time, always provide more than expected, always provide a unique gift, always provide customer service with a friendly smile…)


  • Make note of all the following in your own notes.
  • Define Your Personality. Take a few Myers Briggs or similar tests. Don’t think too hard about the questions, just answer naturally – what you normally do in your own life (not what you think is the right or wrong answer)  for the most accurate results. is a great free online test. It’s worth it to pay for a very detailed test that provides very detailed results too.
  • Review Your Personality Type Strengths & Weaknesses.
  • Note your Compatible Personality Types. They are the most supportive for your own personality type and you get along well with them.
  • Note your Non-Compatible Personality Types. They provide the most negative clash for your personality type.
  • Note your Personality Strengths. Build on your strengths by clearly defining what they are and research how those strengths can help you in business.
  • Note your Personality Weaknesses. Minimize your weaknesses by being aware of them and research how you can improve this area of your personality or make up for the weakness with your strengths.

When you go through the above activities it can change your life in a way that helps you get along better, work better, and be more productive with people that you may have clashed with in the past. Self awareness has that effect on all of us. This activity will help you when you are ready to make decisions to add business partners, hire employees, approach a prospective client, go on a job hunting adventure, and even just negotiating with family members.


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