Plan: Join top 3% as freelance app developer

Joining the toptal App development community as a freelance app developer requires a plan with dedication and commitment to make that happen. They receive hundreds of app developer applications each month and only accept the top 3% of those applicants. Being in the top 3% of freelance app developers has many rewards that appeal to those striving to become the best in our industry.

If you are like me and wondering how you can become the top 3% of freelance app developers, you might find this post interesting because I’m going to share the most amazing magical master plan based on what I discover from some of the most successful competitors we will face in our careers.

Our Top 3% Checklist

Do all of the following and have it ready before we apply to TopTal.

  • TopTal 3% Requirements. Read it, understand it, be it
  • TopTal Community. Browse the articles and attend events.
  • TopTal Engineering Blog. Read tech articles that are relevant with today’s industry.
  • Mentor the disadvantaged in Tech
  • Resume: up to date, brief, focused and polished.
  • Portfolio: list of apps most proud of and ready to discuss details about them. If some apps are confidential then have list of apps, demos, and source code available from personal projects where you can demo and discuss the work you did.
  • Contact Details: Skype Name, Blog, GitHub and Social Media to share with TopTal.
  • Tech Interview Prep. Study, practice and prepare yourself to be tested and judged on your computer science skills too.
  • Lifelong education. Schedule time regularly for learning  & practicing new tech skills.
  • Dedicated Work Space and Work Bag. Work environment is so important to me and I prefer it to be pleasant and productive. That’s why I maintain a dedicated organized work space and work bag for work travel.
  • Be on time and fully prepared with a quiet place to talk with TopTal for any scheduled meetings. That dedicated workspace and work bag helps make this possible.

Tech Interview Prep Checklist

The following have all helped me at one time or another when I prepare for a technical interview.

  • Online Research. Tons of websites provide specific tech internet questions for specific job titles. Review them and use as a guideline for your practice.
  • Practice algorithm design on paper and whiteboards as much as possible.
  • Code Katas. Practice on paper and whiteboards with the most common computer science tech interview questions re: data types, string manipulation and anything else that is specific for the career you are going after.

Freelance App Developer Equipment Stuff

Some of the equipment that I keep in my work bag that helps me to meet all requirements from a busy work schedule:

  • swiss gear back pack is my favorite.
  • battery pack and cable organizer sleeve
  • mobile devices (ios, android, windows)
  • headphones
  • data plan that allows me to be a mobile wifi spot as needed.
  • mac laptop
  • small notebook and various color pens
  • encrypted external drive in case cloud or internet has issues
  • various cloud accounts: github, google, facebook, twitter, wordpress, apple developer, android developer, google developer, samsung developer, ford developer, microsoft developer, facebook developer, quora, reddit, stack overflow, skype, google hangouts, google drive…
  • shades because the future as a top 3% freelance app developer with TopTal is so bright