Android Development; Basic Project Setup

Android development basic project setup can be quickly understood in this short article.Android developers write Java classes using either Eclipse IDE (before 2015) or Android Studio SDK. As of 2015, Android developers are required to use the Android Studio SDK to develop Android apps. Before 2015, many Android developers used the Eclipse IDE with Android NDK to develop Android apps. Android Directory StructureThis screenshot shows the directory structure of an Android app that was created with the old Eclipse IDE. The “res” directory holds files that handle the Android UI and views. They include xml layout files and media files. The “src” directory holds the Java class files. The “libs” directory holds Java libraries that provide standard support for the Android project.The AndroidManifest and ProjectProperties files are in the root directory and they handle how this Android app is going to run (the first screen that shows) and various app permissions, such as internet connectivity or gps features.  Android src directoryThis screenshot shows the Android project’s “src” directory and you can see it holds the Java class files that handle each screen in the Android app.    Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.32.30 PMThis screenshot shows the “res” directory and it holds many more directories for the media files and layout files.    Android project "libs" directoryThis screenshot shows the “libs” directory and it holds various third party libraries for this Android app to re-use. Parse, Twitter and New Relic are popular third party libraries for Android developers to reuse in their own Android projects. The developer must make time to read the documentation and learn how to re-use the libraries, but it’s worth the effort because the developer does not have to re-invent the wheel to benefit from the features provided from each library. These libraries have entire teams with engineers that focus on every minuscule detail regarding UI, UX, MUX, A/B Testing, Usability Testing, Security Issues and more.   REFERENCES:retrieved online July 15th 2015

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