Android Development Setup: Week 1

This is an optional assignment for our Language Revival Teams. You can do this work now or you can wait until android development week 2 instructions.

Android Development Setup Assignment Instructions

  1. Android Studio Bundle fully installed.
2. Subscribe and Watch this YouTube Video: 3. Watch the YouTube Video again (preferably on tablet) while doing the same thing on your development laptop. You will be stopping & playing the video tutorial often.4. Complete this brief quiz:

Android Development Training & Career Tips

The more time and effort you put into your weekly Android development training – the sooner you can be ready to compete for real world jobs in the tech industry!  Take some time and search websites such as, and Google search for jobs with titles such as Android Developer, Android Engineer, Android Architect, Android UX Designer to get a better idea and some inspiration about what your life can be like after you complete Android Development training.While you are training, don’t forget to use the internet to socialize and network with your peers and instructors. This will greatly increase your career opportunities as you are learning and when you are finally ready to take on your first professional Android project on your own without your instructors.

Android Development Industry Links & Resources

You may want to bookmark these links and refer to them often during your training and career as an Android engineer. Software engineering is a life long learning adventure and experienced professionals have to constantly compete for the best career opportunities. These resources can help you position yourself right where you want to be in the industry.

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