July 2, 2022

Cloud connected to Project Sunshine: Week 3

Complete WEEK ONE & WEEK TWO ASSIGNMENTS First: https://www.facebook.com/events/1688718088076413/

This week you will be connecting to the cloud with your sunshine android project in Android Studio. Connecting to the cloud to send and receive remote data that syncs with offline devices is a very valuable skill to learn because many projects require it.It’s very important you always sign in to your Udacity course so that all your work is accounted for.In about 9 weeks I hope your portfolio is going to include new Android apps, professional recommendations from me and from your classmates on LinkedIn and you will be able to work with TalkMohawk.com too if you get yourself through the weekly assignments.


Complete all of the following for Lesson Two. You will be tested along the way right inside the video tutorials. If you schedule yourself to watch these each morning or each night for an hour or longer – you will get through this week’s assignment very quickly https://www.udacity.com/course/viewer#!/c-ud853/l-1469948762/m-1630778606


MainThread vs. Background Thread
Adding Menu Buttons
JSON ParsingTo connect your Android apps to the cloud, you must learn and understand how to use HttpURLConnection, ASyncTask, JSON Parsing and Permissions effectively.


Add one or more relevant endangered language words or phrases to a screen in your project. Take a screenshot in your emulator or take a screenshot on your android device. Post your screenshot in the comments of this assignment.


Weekly YouTube Video ScreenSharing helps your Android engineer career tremendously.Weekly Video Reviews of your current work is one of the most important skills and weekly habits will help your clients want to keep working with you and paying you – even though they may never meet you in person. It also improves your online branding, marketing and your career options. It also creates another source of passive income.YouTube Creators provides free online training. You must get yourself in the habit of creating 2 minute video reviews that show your computer screen with the Android project work you completed. https://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/?noapp=1I typically create a weekly video review of the work I am doing for a client as follows. This is just an example. You can follow these guidelines or you can do it another way if you choose. Just keep your video review to 2 minutes max and answer the questions so that viewers can understand & see what your Android project work accomplished.

  • Android Studio open with your project.
  • Quicktime on your laptop & record your screen.
  • Answer the following Questions & Use Your Mouse Pointer to show what you are talking about:

***** Your name, current date, current assignment.
***** Show your Android Studio project.
***** Show files in your project that you worked on.
***** Why did you change or work on the files you are showing?
***** What did you enjoy about this week’s assignment?
***** What did you find most challenging about this week’s assignment?
***** What would you change about this week’s assignment to solve this week’s challenges that you faced?
***** ConclusionEXAMPLE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW5lBdH-LAS-uvQlFNuBKCat6sz71aFKS This is Monica Peters, today is Monday March 14th and this is my video review for MoniGarr.com Language Revival Week 2 assignment.
Here are the files I got from Github for the Project Sunshine.
I changed this file (res/strings) to add Kanienkeha phrases.
I enjoyed working with my fellow students and discussing VR this week.
The challenge this week was dealing with slow internet service.
I would find better internet service to overcome this week’s challenges.
That’s all I have to say for this week’s assignment. Bye.

  • Edit the Video with iMovie or similar. I usually remove all my extra filler words and get my video review down to 2 minutes max.
  • Upload the Video to YouTube as Private
  • Add keywords to your video: android studio, android engineer, monigarr.com, your name, java, logcat, asynctask, etc…
  • Add Monetization to your video so you can be paid
  • Add date and other options to your video.
  • Make your video public
  • Share your video to your social networks.
  • Post link to your video review as a comment to this Assignment

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