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Make your own mobile ai bot with some of the tech solutions I use for my projects and review in this post.I can present some of my recent mobile ai bot work to your group and inspire them to build new ones for ios, android, augmented reality, virtual reality, auto, tv, telephone and more.  Here is a keynote from one of my recent presentations: 

Mobile AI Bot Management

Program-O is an open-source solution made with php and mysql. It provides a responsive web interface that gives access to all basic management tasks of your A.I. Bots. You can create, read, update and delete new A.I. Bots, aiml files, the chat logs and more. It also automatically creates a web interface to allow your end users to chat with your A.I. Bots. I just started using Program-O in March 2016 and have to say that it is intuitive and easy to get setup on a standard web host that supports php and mysql. I used to use ProgramD to manage my chatbots in past years, but I was running my chatbots from a home computer back then. I prefer to run my work from a webhost provider that has the time & resources to manage all webhosting issues for me now.I use Sublime text edit to create and edit my aiml files, but you can use any xml editor to work on your aiml files.You can find many aiml processors and aiml bot hosts online. I am only referring to the ones that I am currently using. I prefer Program-O open-source solution because it does support javascript and works well with my current tech stack. You can find many other options online to support different tech stacks (python, java, ruby on rails, c, etc).When a new language pattern trend starts with your specific niche target audience, add pattern matching for that trend immediately. For example, I was running my newish A.I. Bots when the language pattern trend of saying ” my bad ” started in the USA.  I remember this well because when the trend started showing up in chat logs, I was able to update my aiml knowledge base to respond to and respond with the new trend in a relevant friendly and natural way.Individuals or a small team that have a personal roi into the success of a specific A.I. Bot seem to create a better user experience than the A.I. Bots that have to jump through long complex political corporate hurdles of being processed & gaining documented approval from each individual on a marketing team, sales team, exec team, legal team and others. An individual that is committed to creating & grooming an A.I. Bot’s aiml knowledge base is in a position to have the willingness to update as needed and to not be discouraged from that practice with political & corporate hurdles.


Artificial Intelligence markup language is xml compliant. Web developers experienced with html and xml will find aiml tags intuitive based on their experience with html and xml.

Add Mobile AI Bot to Android Project

I add the following code into my Android activity inside the onCreate method. This pulls my A.I. Bot into my native Android app with a webview. I like this approach because I can focus my maintenance work and A.I. updates on the aiml from a web browser during my busy travel / work schedule. Each time I update my software solution, I do not have to recompile, republish my Android app in the Google Play store. These A.I. Bots can also be integrated with Android wearables, internet of things, automobiles, android tv and more.

//initiate webview
WebView botWebView = (WebView)findViewById(;
botWebView.setWebViewClient(new MyWebViewClient());
String url = "";

Add Mobile AI Bot to iOS Project

I also use a webview that calls to my A.I. Bot url in my iOS projects because it gives me the benefit of not having to recompile and republish my iOS apps. It’s important to be able to quickly update your A.I. Bot knowledge (aiml files) when your bot is live and available to the public if you are willing & able to compete in the tech industry to provide a better user experience than everyone else is providing. I am looking forward to seeing more individual developers integrate their own bots with iOS Wearables this year too.

- (void)viewDidLoad { 
[super viewDidLoad]; 
NSString *fullURL = @""; 
NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:fullURL]; 
NSURLRequest *requestObj = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url]; 
[_viewWeb loadRequest:requestObj]; }


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