View iOS Network Traffic with Web Debugging Proxy Application

I develop mobile apps for the Internet of Things. During the development phase, I test & verify data that various WiFi and Bluetooth devices are receiving from the mobile devices and the mobile apps I build.  During the security testing phase, I test, verify and prove my mobile apps are not sharing personal identifying information or any other sensitive information.I prefer  the Charles Web Debugging Proxy Application to help me with these responsibilities because it’s easier, faster and more intuitive than the free solutions I’ve tried so far.  The steps for you to view network traffic from your iOS devices are:

  1. OS X Computer: Download & Install Charles Trial from
  2. OS X Computer: Run Charles
  3. OS X Computer: Connect to WiFi Network.
  4. OS X Computer: Open Network Preferences
  5. OS X Computer: Select WiFi from the drop down and note the IP address at the top right of the window.
  6. iOS Device: Connect your iOS Device to same WiFi network as your OS X computer.
  7. iOS Device: Launch Safari
  8. iOS Device: Device Settings > Enable WiFi >
    1. Join same WiFi Network as OS Computer
    2. Tap WiFi Network for more info
    3. Scroll to Bottom of WiFi Network Settings
    4. Enter Your Info:
      • Server:  IP from Step 5 on your OS X Computer.
      • Port:    8888
  9. iOS Device: Visit any website.
    1. If you see Connection Request for Charles, tap Allow.
  10. Now you will see all traffic from your iOS Device in the Charles application on your OS X Computer.