Apps that improve sleep and remove distractions.

The following apps can be installed to your computers and devices to help you stay focused on your life goals, remove distractions, improve your sleeping cycles and productivity.When computers and software solutions improve our lives; instead of taking over our lives we can all benefit. When computers and software take over our lives we suffer from negative impacts on health, finances and quality of life.


These apps can help you discover where you are investing all your time and resources. If you discover most of your days. months and years are going into endless scrolling, liking and sharing you know it’s time to get help to break free from addictive habits that provide little or no positive returns on your investments.  Does ignoring and being completely oblivious to the people and events that are happening around you at the moment improve your quality of life and healthy relationships with family & friends? When was the last time you enjoyed an eye to eye conversation with another human being with no expectations of instant gratification?RESCUE TIME (Windows, Mac)Review the amount of time you spend on specific websites and apps. MOMENT (iOS)Review the amount of time you spend on your phone.  


Endless scrolling, liking, sharing, peering down at a computer screen are all distractions that are carefully  designed to make the most money by creating addictive behavior in the unsuspecting human. Like many unhealthy addictions, it trains us to continue the behavior even while we consciously understand & realize that we are receiving zero benefits and negative impacts on our health & personal lives. The constant interruptions remove the possibility to improve our present situation, complete our work on time, gain new skills that provide a higher quality of life and good health.  The following apps are a few options that can help us reclaim our focus and make healthier decisions about where we invest our time and efforts.FREEDOM (Windows & Mac)Block distracting websites or apps on your desktop, tablet and phone for specific periods of time. INBOX WHEN READY (Gmail)Show inbox  messages only when you click “Show Inbox” instead of getting distracted as new emails arrive. Schedule specific times to review & respond instead of a never ending stream of interruptions. ADBLOCK PLUS (Safari, Chrome)Remove ads from the articles you read and reclaim your focus on your own life goals and schedule. SEND & ARCHIVE (Gmail)

Archive your email instantly after you send it. It will reappear in your inbox when the person replies. You can review and respond when needed, instead of endless scrolling through messages that are not ready to be responded to yet.


Our bodies perform critical health improving processes while we sleep. A high quality of life requires quality sleep.  If we are not health conscious about the importance of our own personal health, we can mistakenly allow computers and software to destroy the quality of our personal health.TURN ON NIGHTSHIFT (iOS)Remove the blue light from your screen so that it won’t disrupt your natural ability to sleep. Blue lights trick our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime. FLUX (Windows, Mac)Remove the blue light from our screens to improve the quality of our sleep. 


Many of us may get another 24 hours of life to be the best we can be.  What are we choosing to do with these 24 hours?  Endless scrolling, liking, sharing, reading articles and trying to ignore some of the ads, clicking on ads, puppy videos and every digital candy imaginable  for instant gratification?  We can choose to be more mindful of how and what we are choosing to invest our time and efforts into.  These apps can help improve our mindfulness tactics.GboardFaster  typing than regular keyboards so you can respond to a message and get off your device quicker. Audio MessagingShort audio messages are faster than typing, and let  you send an authentic message.