VR Recommendations: Viewers & Apps

I use many different VR Viewers for testing the software I develop.  I received a Google Cardboard VR Viewer from Knoxlabs a few weeks ago and have to say it’s very nice – my current favorite one of all actually.VR Viewers work with any iOS or Android phone. The price ranges from about $7 to $30 usd, making it an affordable easier intro to VR basics.You can download many free and commercial Google Cardboard VR apps and games in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store on your phone. Then you just pop your phone into the VR Viewer to experience a basic easy VR intro Experience. It’s not highly immersive like the HTC Vive or Oculus, but it’s still a very interesting experience.

Personal VR & Simulator Sickness:

I personally do not enjoy fear-based games, apps and especially not VR Experiences.  I mention this & more  because my personal recommendations include experiences that are interesting, useful and pleasant for me specifically. I will create a new post about why this is something to pay attention to – if you want to avoid or learn to build up immunity to simulator sickness.

VR Experiences I Highly Recommend:

The following all inspire me as a VR Architect and I believe most adults will also enjoy these not only as an introduction to VR, but as a pleasant experience to visit over and over again for relaxation or a healthy brief escape from stress.

Get Your Own VR Viewer

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