Mohawk Language API

Pull Mohawk Language dialects into your own website and software projects with a few lines of code and free developer access! You can use our Mohawk Language API in your commercial and personal web & software projects.Our Mohawk Language API content is unique and based on our award winning Onkwehonwehneha AI from the 1990s.


Register to get your free developer access and unique access key at


Use the end points and code snippets provided to you when you register. You will be given code snippets that include your endpoints with  private access key for curl, java, objective-c, .net, ruby, php, python  and node for your website and mobile app projects.


If you try to go directly to an endpoint without your private key, you will not get a response. You need to register for your own free developer account to get your private access key.{string}&convo_id={unique_id}&format=jsonsay={say} is where you setup your app or website to allow  your end user to enter text (question, comment, secret command).  Or you can enter specific words and phrases hard coded into your app – if you want to provide a specific word of the day, word of the hour, number translations, calendar translations, or a  secret commandOur Mohawk Language  API will respond with JSON that includes Mohawk language or another relevant responses to what was included in the  ” say={say} ” part of the  endpoint.


"convo_id": "testing1234",
"usersay": "who are you",
"botsay": "Onhka ni:se a Kanienkehaka word or phrase meaning Who are You?",
You can parse the JSON response you receive to look however you wish inside your website, mobile app, mixed reality environment and video games.


Why not provide Mohawk Language dialects in your websites and software? We are also able to make other Endangered Language APIs available upon request.