Summer 2018: MoniGarr’s Projects

Much of my work in 2018 has been focused on developing & teaching how to develop XR Solutions. I’ve developed a few Augmented Reality apps (iOS, Android, ARKit, ARCore, XCode, Android Studio) plus Virtual Reality Environments for Oculus Rift / Go (Unity3D, C#). My recent work can best fit into the ‘Indiginous Futurism’ category because I am creating new stories and experiences from my own imagination that have never been shared nor seen before – while still being heavily influenced by my life in the Akwesasne Indian Reservation and with many Onkwehonwe from many other Indian Reservations in North America.  Like all of my previous work and projects; I am placing Kanienkeha and other Endangered Language text & audio in every XR solution I create.

Father Sun is a Virtual Reality experience I created for the Oculus Start program. It’s an early release available by invite for Oculus Rift owners. The visuals are dark and fiery with lots of big suns that you can fly around, into and talk with. It’s my exploration of Creation stories I’ve been told while growing up in the Akwesasne Indian Reservation (Elder Brother Sun) and from other Iroquoian communities (they say Father Sun is God of War with red haired children).  I am currently working on the narration and placing Kanienkeha language resources for people to find at their leisure. Thank you to the Oculus Start program for encouraging me to do this work and providing support for me to continue.

Future Farmscrapers is another VR experience I am creating for the Oculus Rift. I’m creating this environment to explore the possibilities of a earth like location that is surrounded by water, air, soil, vegetation that is not pillaged nor polluted while small machines help to maintain eco friendly lifestyles and respect for All of Creation. For now, we can only fly around and explore while I am placing Kanienkeha language learning resources in the environment for people to find and enjoy at their leisure.

i Am Ai is a VR experience I am creating for the Oculus Go.  I am integrating my past award winning Onkwehonwehneha AI endangered language translating bots into VR user interfaces. I’m doing this so that I can help more Onkwehonwe to decolonize and revive their own endangered languages while maintaining ownership and control over their own endangered languages, cultures and self-identification as Onkwehonwe (Indigenous, Aboriginal, First Nation, Native, Native American and all the names that dominant society uses).  I started this project while in the Oculus Launchpad 2018 program and hope to win some support from the Oculus team. They have sent me VR devices, to a two day tech boot camp at Facebook headquarters, to weekly tech meetings and provided a ton of momentum, encouragement and support. I am so grateful to be in the Oculus Launchpad program where I can talk tech with peers working in similar tech stacks.

If you are curious about the VR experiences I’m creating for Oculus and want early access – contact me to request access with your Oculus username(email) so I can add you to our tester group.  If you want me to create a brand new VR experience for you and your group, company, school… – contact me to schedule a tech consultation (1 hour minimum online or in person).

XR for Endangered Language Revival 4 day Workshop in Victoria BC. I met with a group of about 14 people to introduce them to XR devices,  features, safety issues and how they can create their own content & distribute their own XR content for Endangered Language Revival.

360 Film Workshop in Vancouver BC. I met with a group of about 5 people and reviewed their current 360 film footage before showing them various ways they can add new VR interactive features to their final edited film with Unity3d.

XR for Film Production Workshop in Kamloops BC. I met with a group of about 7 people and introduced them to XR devices, features, safety issues, games, films and how they could create and distribute their own content.

360 Film Editing & Distribution in Vancouver BC. I reviewed 360 film footage and introduced 360 film editing & distribution options using cloud services.