Scientific Research about VR benefits


Some research is showing that VR can help increase the speed of learning new topics and increase memory retention. That sounds like an exciting way to learn new languages, math, science, business requirements and any other topic imaginable.

Brain Health

Patients with various neurological health issues are using VR to visit pleasant environments. VR allows a person to move their hands, head and body naturally to move naturally within a VR environment and that causes areas of the brain to be exercised (grey matter increases in the hippocampus) – – compared to sedentary couch potato video games that may be causing the grey matter in the hippocampus to decrease.

Physical Pain

VR experiences that take a person’s mind off focusing on physical pain may also help increase physical mobility and reduce the need as much pain medications.

Mental Health

General Health

XR Industry Research

This post is a working draft… will be updating as I get time to add my own thoughts and to add more research documents. Let’s show the benefits with actual proof 🙂