Onkwehonwehneha XR Solutions

Here is a list of ideas for when you are considering what to build or how to build and maintain exciting positive impact XR experiences for your group and community. Kenoronkwa to you Akwesasne tanon Onkwehonwe: our cultures & languages are providing a positive impact & hope for all of our future generations <3

Endangered Languages & Cultures Revival: Location Based Hyper Focus.

Send Endangered Language translations that are most relevant to the current location, current person or group looking at the screen and the current activities going on in the location. Example: words & phrases about specific objects or activities that happen most often in the current location (cash register, doctor office, school, work…

Content Delivery System to many different devices with various delivery systems (iOT, BlueTooth, WiFi, Wired Ethernet, Cable, RFID, QR Codes, …). Walking paths and public spaces that provide small hyper focused bits of information, audio, video content that shares info about significant historical events, current events and more.

Augmented Reality content phone and tablet app to design situational & physical awareness. Local respected celebrities as 3D characters that:

  • interact with viewers & point out specific items in the location & why they are significant.
  • share current news, events and more.
  • viewers point their own devices or use kiosk devices in public & private spaces.

Mixed Reality content that combines a tv or theater experience with animations & simulations on the surrounding physical world.

Digital keys, Holographs and Immersive Projection Mapping with augmented reality interactions in public spaces (shops, hotels, libraries) and personal spaces (home, bathroom, work).

Pain Management Solutions & Experiences for pharmacy kiosks, walk in clinics, doctor offices, hospitals, mental health offices, spiritual health locations, fitness spaces, sport arenas and more. VR headsets to help overcome pain & focus on pleasant healthy temporary escape long enough to get through physical therapy and other therapies from the professional doctors.

Live XR Animations mixed with narrative stories to get the audience (individually & group) right into the stories while the story is being created organically by the audience.

XR Headsets provide architects and their whole team the ability to work collaboratively from many locations worldwide, simultaneously on the same physical architecture with remote control robots, software and the internet.

Your Home Closet providing shopping experiences to find & purchase custom designed clothing and accessories for your exact current body measurements, budget, schedule, weather and end use plans.

Edutainment solutions that provide interactions and immersive stories that combine 360 and 180 content with physical spaces in public and private locations. Pick up real physical objects that are culturally significant > point your devices at the object to see animations, video, hear it spoken in your endangered language, hear about it’s history, use, significance, how to use it and more.

Front Row Seats for every individual viewer to every public event with immersive experiences.

Entertaining arcades, theme parks, tourism and unique interactive experiences with characters and celebrities available via mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Toys and Board Games with augmented reality characters that interact with players for live action roleplay.

Remote Education during storms, virus outbreaks, architectural & logistics issues. XR devices can be used to meet with and collaborate with a group and teachers to discuss any education activity at any time.

I will keep adding to this list as I get time…

Hire MoniGarr.com to work with your team & train your team to make XR solutions that respect your own endangered languages & cultures – we can also bring in our team of highly experienced & dedicated Onkwehonwe professionals to build the solutions for you from idea to complete to ongoing maintenance and train your team to take over maintenance.