The Making of Kakwitene presented at Colony VR in Ottawa

Monday July 16th at 7pm, I gave a brief presentation to show how I created the Kakwitene VR experience for the Steam VR store. Afterwards, Colony VR let the audience try out their Vives and over 40 games including Tilt Brush. They have more than 5 hex spaces where 1 to 3 people can gather to play VR in one hour increments. It’s a really nice setup that is family friendly with super smart staff available to help. Its a great weekly family or friends top place to go for fun. I also appreciate that its available for folks like me that are developing VR experiences because it provides access to high end expensive VR devices that I can test my software projects on.

My presentation is available online here. While it does not show the audience questions and my responses – please do feel free to ask me about any of the content or to just talk shop regarding VR, Unity3D, Steam Store publishing, C#, text to speech, voice recognition and Indigenous Language Revival & Retention issues. You can also contact me (MoniGarr) & ask me to present ‘The Making of Kakwitene VR’ to your group – I bring all the equipment so you can fly around inside Kakwitene VR too.

To participate in our Kanienkeha VR Research in Akwesasne please join our Mohawk Language Facebook Group here.

Download Kakwitene VR – early release- for Oculus Rift from the Steam VR store here.

Download Kakwitene – early release- for Oculus Rift – without voice commands – from itch here.

Download Kakwitene -early release- for PC – without voice commands – from itch here.