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MoniGarr can be hired to provide custom designed technical workshop curriculum and xr exhibits (virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping, interactive 360 video). We also provide the technical equipment & training for individuals and groups in North America.

You can enter the search phrase ‘tutorial’ on our website to see a growing list of brief technical tutorials we share online.

We also have a YouTube channel with a growing list of technical video tutorials at You can search our channel for any tech topic (unity3d or android or java or swift or ios or kanien’keha or mohawk language or onkwehonwe or flutter or mobile …)

You can also find technical tutorials online for Unity3D, Mobile Software Development & Indigenous Language Software Projects with one on one technical support options available at

What tutorial topics would you like to see online next? I put these topics on my work schedule to create online tutorials for you this year. Comment on this post to let me know what tutorial topics are most important to you right now – what will help you get your projects completed sooner?

  • Android Studio, XCode, Unity3D
  • Publishing to the Apple App Store & Google Play Store
  • Developing VR experiences for Oculus or Google or Vive or …
  • How to build Indigenous Language ChatBots, Mobile Apps…
  • How to produce Holographic Virtual Humans …
  • How to produce VR Experiences
  • Designing VR, UI/UX
  • Designing 3D art with Tiltbrush, Blocks, Quill, Blender
  • 3D Art Printing, Fashion Design
  • 360 Video, Interactive 360 Video Creation, 360 Cameras
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality
  • 3D Object Scanning
  • Writing Software Design Documentation (architecture, requirements, tech stack, budget, team, calendar, etc)
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C, Flutter with Dart, Unity3D with C#
  • iOS: cocoapods, submodules
  • Android: Kotlin, Java, Flutter with Dart, Unity3D with C#
  • Android: jetpack architecture, apis,
  • Git, Git LFS
  • Unity Connect, Collaborate
  • Google Poly
  • Gimp
  • ARCore
  • ARKit, GameKit
  • Geolocation, GPS
  • Audio Augmented Reality
  • Spatial Audio
  • Spatial Computing
  • Virtual Humans, aiml, ml-agents, character creation
  • AI Bots, Chat Bots, Indigenous Language Bots
  • Robotics, Animatronics
  • Bluetooth, BLE, BlueGiga,


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