VR Safety Kits

  • Disposable Face Masks amazon
  • Disposable Earbud Covers amazon
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Disinfectant for Electronics amazon
  • Disinfect with UVC Light or Light Box

Buy or make your own re-usable washable VR Safety Kit with fabric for your face mask to go around your eyes (so your bare skin will not touch the device directly), disposable earbud covers & gloves that you can throw away or wash & disinfect in the washing machine or with UVC-Lights.

I can not suggest Ozone Machine for disinfection because it might damage the rubber and other materials on the VR devices. I have used Ozone Machines for disinfecting cloth & paper materials with no problems though.

A few other ideas people have been reviewing is to go back to low tech google cardboard/daydream software distribution so that each person can use their own personal mobile phone and vr device too. It’s worth considering as an option to provide access to our XR experiences while removing the risks of contagion issues.

~ MoniGarr