Podcast: XR Indigenous Language & Culture

Episode 1: There’s no shame in being an A.I.

Episode 2: Extending Reality with Native Spaces

Episode 3: Nothing About Us without Us

Episode 4: Natural Law & A.I.

Augmented Humanity is produced by the New Mexico Humanities Council in partnership with KUNM. Our guests on this show are modern explorers working at the intersection of technology and the humanities who help us to understand ourselves and the worlds we create in this digital age. They are thinkers, creators, makers and academics, all working in diverse fields. Together we discuss what we can understand about ourselves and others with the use of this technology; how the technology changes us or advances us; the implications for public or academic humanities; and the best tools and practices for applying this technology.

Host Ellen Dornan is the digital humanities program officer for NMHC.

Host Craig Goldsmith owns 1uffakind Design and is the host of The Coffee Express on KUNM.

On this program, we’re joined by MoniGarr, the founder of MoniGarr.com, a small tech company based in the Akwesasne Indian Reservation. MoniGarr develops XR — aka extended reality — solutions and custom software, with a focus on indigenous language revival, futurism and culture.

MoniGarr on Vimeo