Signal Messenger App

MoniGarr’s team prefers to use the Signal Messenger App for many years now and for reasons that are relevant to concerns about privacy, internet security, usability and stability of features.

The Signal App is available for anyone to install to any of their desktop & mobile devices. No spam, advertising, surprise costs are integrated with the Signal App and Services. The Signal Messenger App does not collect users data & does not participate in Targeted Advertising – Thank You Signal Team! Millions of Users have downloaded & use the Signal App from

The Signal.Org website has a wonderful educational Blog that provides free access to easy to understand details about internet security, privacy issues, social media, tech industries and more.

Individuals, families, communities, groups and businesses of any size can freely use the Signal Messenger App anytime. Software developers can also develop & distribute their own versions because the Signal Messenger App is also available as an open-source project on GitHub. The technical details about the open-source project is also available online for the general public at Software developers working with Java, C and JavaScript will find a ton of information online to help them get more involved with the open-source projects for the Signal Messenger App.

A small remote tech team supports the official Signal Messenger app and shares their code with the world via GitHub and a nonprofit organization. As of this writing, they are currently hiring remote (US Timezones) Android Engineer, iOS Engineer, Server Engineer, Desktop Engineer and a Distributed Systems (Rust) Engineer.