WIP: SkyDome Kicks

December 23rd 2021: I submitted my final render to #TheGreatShoeCase competition last week before the December 22nd deadline. I had to uninstall all the Adobe software (that I paid for access, but Adobe was blocking me from using), then I re-installed the Adobe software and used trial versions of Adobe Substance Painter & Adobe Stager to complete my project within the competition requirements. Winners will be announced by February 15th 2022.

Final Renders, Animations for the Competition

View SkyWalker Sneakers Design with Adobe Aero on your iPhone / iPad

Outside of the competition, I have exported my 3D Sneaker design into Blender to make a Right Foot and Left Foot Version. Then I exported that out to my Daz3D project to convert my sneaker design into a 3D Wardrobe asset for my 3D characters. I’ve been experimenting with animating a model runway scene with a standard Genesis 8 3D Character. My sneaker design is not for one gender, so I’m creating a relevant scene with animations to share publicly in 2022 within the XR Web Series I am producing with my team at MoniGarr.com (Red Headed Savage). I will share those in a new post and this WIP post is complete now.

Challenge Regarding Adobe Triple Billing, Blocking Access while Triple Billing & Gaslighting (claiming to not see the triple billing, claiming to refund when they did not, claiming to correct the issue while telling me I never need to call them again nor keep repeating myself to explain the disturbing issues of Adobe draining my bank account).

It was annoying & draining to spend more than 15 hours in time wasting ‘billing support / tech support’ loops with Adobe people that seem to be following a pre planned script on how to really screw me out of my money (triple charging me to access Adobe software, over and over again, then acting like they have no idea what is going on / can’t see it on my account, then claiming to fix their bizarre triple billing issues – claiming to be refunding the thousands they stole from me – only to find out they literally never corrected their issues and they never refunded all those triple charges.). Long story short, the only solution was to report the fraudulent behavior to my bank and ban Adobe from ever getting access to my money / payment info ever again.

The Adobe 3D Software is really nice when they allow me to access it, but it’s not worth allowing Adobe to triple charge drain my bank account many times repeatedly (or ever) while simultaneously blocking me from accessing the software they are triple+ charging me for (literally just kept creating new purchase items for the same exact Adobe service over and over again – how is that even legal?). While getting scammed in the 15+ hours of fake gaslighting billing / tech support with Adobe, I also learned that hundred, HUNDREDS more of their customers are being put through the same bizarre scam with Adobe. It must be a business process that works very well with large corporations, but Adobe’s slimy business practices literally drained my bank account in less than a week, while they blocked me from accessing what they were triple+ charging my bank for. They did this same exact thing to me a few years ago; successfully pushing me out of the industry; for some weird reason I thought they would have corrected their scam business practice but it has literally become even more aggressive. So Bizarre!

The only solution I can think of to avoid allowing Adobe to completely push me out of the industry, is to never ever ever share my payment info with them ever again. The biggest corporations in the industry will not be destroyed by Adobe’s triple+ overbilling for the same product/service – so the industry is designed to remove anyone that is not working for the large corporations in that ecosystem.

December 7th 2021: Free to use software for Digital Artists: I just switched my project over to free to use software on my PC / Windows 10 / NVIDIA GeForce 1080. I plan to train & mentor Indigenous Artists about my workflow because it will be so awesome to see more Onkwehonwe (Indigenous, First Nation, Native…) digital artists in all industries!

I will be using Quixel Mixer for 3D Painting / Texturing too. Here are a few screenshots from my project in Blender 3.0:

WIP: SkyDome Kicks by MoniGarr in Blender 3.0 projectg
WIP: Skydome Kicks by MoniGarr in Blender 3.0 project
WIP: Skydome Kicks by MoniGarr in Blender 3.0 project
WIP: Skydome Kicks by MoniGarr in Blender 3.0 project

A few links to the software (free to use): Blender, Krita, Quixel Mixer If you plan and hope to work for corps like Disney, Marvel, etc; you want to learn how to use the following software asap. I suggest you use the trial versions to make new digital art for your public portfolio and clearly mark your portfolio with the software that you used for your work process. Then approach your career targets to get that dream job you are hoping for. If you do not plan to work and collaborate with big corps that have most of the funds & resources to cover the expenses of expensive software & equipment; you have the option to stick with the free to use software, trial software and beta software to produce your art & update your portfolios. I find learning with free, trial and beta software has been worth the time because most software for any industry do have ‘industry standards’ regarding work flow, keyboard shortcuts and features. Just know that the biggest corporations tend to expect their digital artists to use the same software and work processes that work best for their internal huge teams (learn & prove you can use their industry standards when you produce your art and before you go into interviews with them).

December 6th 2021: Adobe Tried to Rob Me Again: Adobe billing department decided to double charge me , two times (that is four yearly service fees) for their same software services (Substance 3D Collection & All Apps). Instead of correcting their gross behavior, they decided to put me through more than 10 hours of billing support text chat, emails, phone calls in a span of two weeks within the date I originally purchased one year access. Adobe billing support continued to gaslight me, blame me, claim they corrected everything & to ‘not worry about ever having to repeat this whole gross story ever again’ – only to Not correct their behavior and actually double bill me AGAIN after the billing support conversations. Adobe also ‘cancelled’ my access to the software services while they continued to double & triple charge my bank account while they claimed to not see that they are robbing me. Adobe left me with no other option but to ban them from accessing my bank information and having to find alternative software solutions. Adobe even invited me to contact their super special support to transfer credits from my algorithmic (Substance 3D) account over to purchasing the yearly Substance 3D Collection. That super special Adobe contact also refused to provide any credits from my algorithmic purchase to my Adobe account (what a joke). The craziest thing about all of this? Adobe literally did this same exact tactic to me in previous years and got away with robbing me and thousands of others for many years now. I really did hope that by this year 2021, that Adobe had figured out how and why to stop robbing & gaslighting artists; but I was wrong. Thank you Adobe, for forcing me to literally put a ban on your company from accessing my bank accounts and having to find other software companies to do business with.

November 27th, 2021: I’m designing a new line of kicks for my xr projects (vr, ar, 360, animation, 3d) and maybe I will get them made to go with my own real world regalia too. Designs are inspired by my ancestors / relatives (Onkwehone, Kanien’kehake, St. Regis Indian, Mohawk, Iroquois, Haudenosaunee, Laurentian and the many names people use throughout history and in recent times)

Digital Materials I am using: leather (black) with white painted skydomes / dolomite / corn , copper painted dark purple with light purple welding design skydomes / corn / electricity streaks. I put some light purple electricity streaks on the sole (I might tweak it to be etched into the rubber sole deeper. Black rubber sole. Black canvas ties. Pleides inside top ankle. A tree of life flower on outside top ankle. The designs all go with my regalia that I hand beaded last year. 

Follow the work in progress and details on MoniGarr’s Behance site.

I plan to submit my final work on this piece to the Adobe Competition: #TheGreatShoeCase You can find details & participate in the competition on the Adobe Substance Painter / Substance Stager site here.