Feral Women 2022 XR Series

A new 3D Interactive Art Gallery designed by MoniGarr can be accessed by clients through their computer or virtual reality device. The gallery features a series titled “Feral Women 2022” by MoniGarr.

The exhibit showcases a collection of sculptures and 3D renderings that depict women in untamed settings. Each piece is set in a different room or area of the gallery, allowing clients to explore the different pieces as they move through the space.

The lighting, sounds and atmosphere are carefully crafted to enhance the mood and emotion of each piece. The exhibit includes interactive elements, such as soundscapes and animations, to further immerse the viewer in the experience. Clients can also access information about the artist and the inspiration behind the series and each piece through interactive kiosks or virtual guides in the 3D environment and on the QR Portals the artist sprinkles around social media for intellectually curious folks to find.

Contact MoniGarr.com to schedule Artist Talk / XR Performance related to this project.

Preview Video of MoniGarr’s ‘Feral Women 2022 XR’: