3D Architecture: SeedPod Inspiration

Tiny green seedpods are dropping onto our back deck this week from the forest in Kawehnoke ko:wa (Akwesasne Indian Reservation). The seedpod shapes inspired me to create a new 3D hard surface model to use in 3D environments. I used Maya 2023 to create a low and high poly model and setup the uvs. Then I used Adobe Substance Painter to add some quick interesting textures to it. I used Marmoset Toolbag to light, pose, animate and render my 3D Model with Textures to show on this webpage. I’ll most likely use this in a future augmented reality environment. I might add some rigging to this seedpod in the future for more interactive animations that move with wind or perhaps make the tiny inner seeds become levers or something like that for games and digital musical instruments.