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Onkwehonwe Sky Travelers by MoniGarr

Onkwehonwe Sky Travelers by MoniGarr

My name is MoniGarr; I’m an award-winning Technical Artist with 33+ years of professional experience working in tech & media industries as a software programmer / developer / engineer / architect / tech director / tech mentor and the founder of | | |  I developed the world’s first Kanien’keha Chatbots in the mid 1990s that went on to earn some interesting tech industry awards and accolades (Onkwehonwehneha A.I. – Original Human Beings’ of Americus Empire Ancient Intelligence collaborating with Artificial Intelligence).

As of the summer of 2023 I am a transfer non-traditional student full time at Clarkson University in Potsdam NY working on finally earning my official bachelor’s degree for Software Engineering in 2024.

I intend to work on earning my PHD for AI or Computer Science or something similar (still working out the details) starting at the end of 2024 or start of 2025.

My most recent tech / media industry contract work was writing python scripts to procedurally generate 3D Models and Textures that were then used to create data models for training A.I. systems. I enjoyed the task of integrating my art skills, creativity with python scripting and solving complex problems that I had not seen before in my previous 33 years of tech industry experience.  The work inspired me to focus my all into earning official technical degrees (bachelor and PHD) so that I can be of more help with the new people entering the tech and media industries towards the end of my long career that I’m grateful for.

I produce new XR experiences that are futuristic joyful adventures that enable viewers to live stories in virtual reality, with augmented reality, 360 / 180 films, interactive films, video games and more.  I also produce flat screen films, animations and games when it makes sense for specific audiences.

I have ENTJ Captain (D) personality traits, I’m neuro-divergent with professional experience as an artist, entrepreneur, tech director and mobile software engineer.  These are some of my unique traits that help to make my productions and the teams I work with a success.

I started developing AI software when I was a child first learning how to read; with a Tandy TRS-80 from the local Radio Shack.  I developed the world’s first Mohawk Language chatbots in the mid 1990s and earned a few prestigious awards / acknowledgement for that work that continues today as ‘Onkwehonwehneha A.I.’.

I’ve also earned many A.I. certifications in regards to natural language processing, machine language and similar technologies because of my tech industry work that began since before my favorite topics became trendy.

June 2022: My proposal ‘Mohawk Language XR’ work was chosen as an MIT Solve 2022 Finalist.

July 2022: I earned an award in the Meta Horizon Worlds competition with my Mohawk Language VR environment ‘Crystal Cave’.

I’ve been developing custom software solutions for 35+ years as a tech director, mentor, trainer, mobile software engineer, mobile software architect, tech writer, tech workshop facilitator & XR curriculum developer, tech contractor (remote and on site) for corporations, government agencies, entrepreneurs, multi-media studios, museums, events and non profits in North America, Australia & worldwide.

I work with clients’ established teams or I bring my own team into larger projects as needed.

A few of my XR Production / Design Skills are listed below. I use what ever makes sense (commercial, enterprise, freemium, opensource) for the current project’s requirements, budget, timelines, resources, etc:

  • 3D hard surface modeling, UVs
  • 3D texture / material design
  • 3D Animation:  keyframe, motion capture, speech
  • Maya, Blender
  • Marmoset Toolbag, VRay
  • Adobe Substance 3D, TextureLab, Quixel Mixer
  • SDKs: Oculus, SteamVR, Google VR, ARKit, ARCore
  • Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift, Obj-C, Perl, bash, cli
  • GitHub
  • html5, css3, javascript
  • UnReal Engine, Unity3D
  • SparkAR, EffectHouse, Lens Studio
  • TiltBrush (3D environment design / performance)
  • A.I. Generators (visual, audio, lyrics, stories, animation, editing)
  • Cyberlink Studio,
  • Photoshop, Krita, Gimp

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