Kakwitene VR

Kakwitene VR by MoniGarr, 3/25/2019 Fly around a woodland garden. Fly into colorful pollen spheres to hear how to pronounce Kanien’kéha colors. Keep listening & repeat what you hear before going to the shelf in the corner of the garden where you can use Kanien’kéha voice commands to change the color of the shelf. Kakwitene …

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Scientific Research about VR benefits

Education Some research is showing that VR can help increase the speed of learning new topics and increase memory retention. That sounds like an exciting way to learn new languages, math, science, business requirements and any other topic imaginable. Video games can either grow or shrink part of your brain, depending on how you play. …

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Unity Connect Machine Language Challenge : Jimminy Crickets

I entered my Jimminy Crickets Unity project for the Unity Connect Machine Language challenge. The full details, videos, screenshots and source code are online at https://connect.unity.com/p/wip-jimminy-crickets