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MoniGarr can be hired to provide custom designed technical workshop curriculum and xr exhibits (virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping, interactive 360 video). We also provide the technical equipment & training for individuals and groups in North America. You can enter the search phrase 'tutorial' on our website to see a growing list of …

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Unity Connect Machine Language Challenge : Jimminy Crickets

I entered my Jimminy Crickets Unity project for the Unity Connect Machine Language challenge. The full details, videos, screenshots and source code are online at

Weekly Android Tutorials & Source Code!

I am experimenting with the Patron service because it appears to be a stable service that can make sharing my software source code & tutorials more self-sustainable.I provide patron only access to:Weekly Android Software Projects include:Source CodeTutorial Instructions (text & video)show you how to re-skin my software with your own business logo & you how to …

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