VR Safety Kits

Disposable Face Masks amazon Disposable Earbud Covers amazon Disposable GlovesDisinfectant for Electronics amazon Disinfect with UVC Light or Light Box Buy or make your own re-usable washable VR Safety Kit with fabric for your face mask to go around your eyes (so your bare skin will not touch the device directly), disposable earbud covers & …

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Kakwitene 2020 XR Designed for Ottawa Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival Virtual Edition, June 2020

Kakwitene 2020 is designed by MoniGarr.com for Indigenous-Experiences.ca online summer event. This is a 3D art piece / environ that is part of a larger XR project that includes Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality.

Tech Tutorials from MoniGarr.com

MoniGarr can be hired to provide custom designed technical workshop curriculum and xr exhibits (virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping, interactive 360 video). We also provide the technical equipment & training for individuals and groups in North America. You can enter the search phrase 'tutorial' on our website MoniGarr.com to see a growing list of …

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