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You can find details about the tech stacks and experience at the following links and at my LinkedIn profile.  The full SDLC (software development life cycle) (idea – research – document – dev – design – publish to stores) is typically 4 to 12 weeks. Projects where I am hired to analyze, debug and update native mobile software projects are typically a few days to 6 weeks.

You can hire me to work with your team on a contract basis (day, week or month rates).

Examples of some of my work:

Tech Trainer

Game Development with Unity

VR Producer, Unity Developer


VR Producer, Unity Developer : Oculus Go, Oculus Rift

Alpha : Oculus Launchpad 2018 Fellow

Thank You Oculus LaunchPad 2018 for the dev devices, bootcamp, weekly tech meets, travel support and more!

VR Producer, Unity Developer : VR : Oculus, Vive

Early Release : Father Sun, Oculus Start Program

VR Producer, Unity Developer : Neon Challenge

Neon Challenge : Timeline, Cinema, Prefabs, Lighting

Unity Developer : VR Maze

Google Cardboard

Unity Developer : VR Puzzler

Google Cardboard

Unity Developer : VR, machine language agents, AR, MR

Various projects

Lead Mobile Architect

various experiments: VR, AR, IOT, AI, ML, Unity3D, Android Studio

MoniGarr Android Apps in Google Play Store

Lead Mobile Architect

Native Android: java, kotlin

OneLoginDevice Engineer

Native Android & iOS: java, objective-c

Lead Mobile Software Architect

Native iOS: objective-c, xcode

Updated Legacy Android & iOS App

Native Android: java, android studio

Updated Legacy Android & iOS App

Native : java, objective-c, xcode, android studio

Mobile App Producer / Project Manager

Native iOS: objective-c, xcode

Lead Mobile Software Architect for Nexient :  I debugged & updated legacy mobile software for the following clients (more details on LinkedIn): 

Provided Tech Training to new devs. Lead iOS, Android Architect, Developer. Manager – Director.

Lead iOS Dev: added new features & corrected legacy code issues.

tech consultant: updates re: software architecture, debugging legacy code issues

tech consultant: updates re: software architecture, debugging legacy code issues

Schedule Online Training / Consultation to get help with completing your software projects right now.

Live in person tech training, contracts and consultations can be negotiated during your online tech consultation or you can use our contact form to request specific dates, locations and topics.

MoniGarr.com LLC develops, maintains and publishes custom mobile software solutions for Android, Oculus, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard, Vive and Samsung Odyssey.

My name is Monica and I’m the owner / founder of MoniGarr.com LLC. I’ve been developing custom software solutions (and teaching others how to develop custom software & web apps) for 25+ years as a remote consultant for corporations, government agencies, entrepreneurs, multi-media studios and many others. I work solo or with my clients’ established tech teams or I bring my own tech consultants into projects when needed.