Kakwitene VR

Kakwitene VR for Oculus Rift (early release 5/10/2019). Key available for Press & Media. Fly around to hear the color pollen spheres speak Kanien’kéha Colors. Use your voice to speak Kanien’kéha colors to change the color of a box in the corner of the garden.


Kakwitene for Web Browser & Mouse https://poly.google.com/view/e1ECc5vHnZ2

Kakwitene for PC: 

Kakwitene VR for Oculus Go Video Demo: 

Kakwitene VR for Oculus Rift Video Demo:

Kakwitene VR Screenshots:


I included Kanien’kéha language in Kakwitene VR for you to hear when you fly into the colorful pollen spheres. I also hide the pollen spheres in some of the flowers for you to find when you fly around and sit inside the flowers.

My TiltBrush Art session today for a new VR project is inspired by many Mohawk Woodland Raised Beadwork pieces, Christi Belcourt, Jessica Gokey, Paige Dansinger, my birth mother’s raised beadwork and the raised beadwork I made for myself throughout the years — they are all inspired by what I see during my hikes in the forests in our Onkwehonwe homelands in the Americus Empire.

Lots of color in this one while I remember spring time, gardening and the many flowers that are always happy to show their faces when it is their turn.

Schedule time with MoniGarr.com and we will let you step right inside this art piece with one of our Oculus Rift or other VR devices.