VR Devices: 1 Dev’s Opinion

This list starts with lowest point of entry regarding the funds & resources required and goes all the way up to the high end more costly (time & money) options. Your setup depends on your interests, resources and goals. My name is MoniGarr and all opinions expressed here are my own. XR: VR, AR, MR …

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VR Safety Kits

Disposable Face Masks amazon Disposable Earbud Covers amazon Disposable GlovesDisinfectant for Electronics amazon Disinfect with UVC Light or Light Box Buy or make your own re-usable washable VR Safety Kit with fabric for your face mask to go around your eyes (so your bare skin will not touch the device directly), disposable earbud covers & …

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Kakwitene 2020 XR Designed for Ottawa Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival Virtual Edition, June 2020

Kakwitene 2020 is designed by MoniGarr.com for Indigenous-Experiences.ca online summer event. This is a 3D art piece / environ that is part of a larger XR project that includes Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality.