I developed the AI Bots API with a combination of self hosted open source resources ( lamp stack, aiml bot, programO ) and my own aiml files based on my past bronze medal winner for most knowledgeable bot. AI Bots API Project Goals: Give developers & designers a developer key access to plug Bronze Medal […]

Past Projects

My portfolio may not show what becomes obvious while working with me; I am a fearless, get to the point, big picture, result focused, high roi focused, problem solver. I’ve competed for and won tech awards, recognition on international television, media, in school books and I am still developing world changing tech solutions. I intend […]

Kakwitene in Steam VR

Fly around and touch colored pollen spheres to hear how to pronounce the color with Kanien’kéha dialect (Mohawk Language Dialect).

Kakwitene in Oculus Store

Kakwitene is available in the Oculus store for both the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Go. Kakwitene VR as an immersive edutainment experience to hear & practice speaking Kanien’kéha dialects.  Each level has a colorful scene based on Iroquois woodlands in the spring season. The first level focuses on Kanien’kéha colors. Kakwitene VR Future levels […]

Longhouse VR: Museum Exhibit

The Akwesasne Museum & Cultural Center hired my small company ( MoniGarr.com LLC ) to create a brand new VR Exhibit that put visitors inside various Iroquois Longhouse Structures. I provided them (Sheree Bonaparte and Dave Fadden) with tech consultations to help them with their many decisions for project planning, budget, schedule, and tech equipment. […]

Social 360 Film : Akwesasne Museum

This 360 Film is an exclusive 360 Film experience I was hired to create for the Akwesasne Museum in the summer of 2019. Nia:wen ko:wa to everyone involved in making such a wonderful 360 Film!  I can not mention their names nor show photos / videos of them but you can view it at the […]

Dream Space 444

Another VR Environment I am creating. Designed by MoniGarr (Monica Peters) with TiltBrush on Oculus Rift: swirling sky ribbons, metallic flowery spheres. VR Environment I created for future endangered language revival projects. I designed this to be similar to what I saw in a dream I had about how the mind works and processes information. […]

Otsì:tsia énska by MoniGarr

It is a nice flower. Katsi’tsí:io flower Otsì:tsia flower Awénha Contact MoniGarr.com to go into exclusive XR experiences crafted with Onkwehonwehneha A.I. (Native way of doing Ancient Intelligence) <3 Designed by MoniGarr in Tilt Brush to be used in XR environments (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, projection mapping).

Father Sun VR

I created these prototypes in 2018. You can hire me to spend time with you and your group to show you how we make XR prototypes and full XR experiences with Unity3D, UnReal Engine, Tilt Brush, Blender, C# and my own Onkwehonwehneha A.I. techniques. My team at MoniGarr.com is also available to bring our exclusive […]

Future Farmscrapers VR

I created these prototypes in 2017. You can hire me to spend time with you and your group to show you how we make XR prototypes and full XR experiences with Unity3D, UnReal Engine, Tilt Brush, Blender, C# and my own Onkwehonwehneha A.I. techniques. My team at MoniGarr.com is also available to bring our exclusive […]

Space Tunnel 20

Space Tunnel 20 I’m designing this for a VR project that I’m experimenting with physics, reality, music, colors, math, etc. It will look different in VR because of the neat particle systems and other interactions I’m adding. It feels like being in a large cavern with many echoes when visiting this one from inside a […]

Onkwehonwe Sky Travelers by MoniGarr

Digital Art Experiments by MoniGarr

Albums of various digital art experiments with wacom tablet, blender, adobe, insta360 studio, 360 cameras, mandelbulber, meshlab, gimp, sparkar and more. Social Media Experiments: 3D Art & Environs by MoniGarr https://poly.google.com/user/fStrUM5tkjB SketchFab 3D Models by MoniGarr https://sketchfab.com/monigarr Video Experiments (Flat & 360) by MoniGarr https://www.facebook.com/monigarr/videos_by Instagram Videos by MoniGarr https://www.instagram.com/monigarr/channel/ Instagram Digital Art by MoniGarr […]

In the Woods – Karhakon

I designed Karhakon (In the Woods) 3D Environment with Oculus Rift and TiltBrush VR to be used in our upcoming XR projects (360 films, flat films, VR, AR, MR, animations). You can also view Karhakon and navigate with your web browser: https://poly.google.com/view/6O-JfRJ20ga Inspired by my morning hike in the woods this morning in Akwesasne. It’s […]

AR Fashion, 3D Character Design & Animation for Films

3D Character Design & Animation by MoniGarr

Karihton Little Acorn modeled & textured by MoniGarr.com

Karihton Little Acorn 3D model & texture

Karihton Little Acorn 3D model and texture created by MoniGarr for XR projects (vr, ar, 360, 180, animations, films, interactive films, video games and more).

MoniGarr: Deep Dream: Onkwehonwe Skyships

Onkwehonwe SkyShips in the year 9900

Onkwehonwe SkyShips 1 in the year 9900 by MoniGarr

Longhouse Palace in the year 9900

Longhouse Palace in the year 9900 by MoniGarr

Akwesasne Futurism 1 by MoniGarr

Akwesasne Skyships

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Onkwehonwe SkyShips 1 in the year 9900

MoniGarr and Diffusion

MoniGarr collaborations with Disco Diffusion AI Generators (input their own human designed art to prompt AI generation output)

Skyship V4 B by MoniGarr

Akwesasne Skyship V3

Akwesasne Skyship V3 I made for XR projects (virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 / 180, 3D animations, 2D animations, films, games…).  I plan to put this in a SparkAR  (Instagram / Facebook) augmented reality experience asap.  

3D Character MoniGarr

3D Character MoniGarr

I design, rig and animate 3D Characters for our XR projects.  Here are a few recent 3D characters I created for our upcoming XR Web Series ‘Red Headed Savage’ and for Mohawk Language XR projects.   3D Character Moni Case Study MoniGarr ArtStation Link We need 3D characters for our XR projects that are fully […]

3D character Wanik Karakon

3D Character Wanik Karakon by MoniGarr.com

3D Character Wanik Karakon by MoniGarr is a Mohawk Language speaker at MohawkLanguage.ca, on Instgram, Tiktok and available to speak Mohawk for friends at schools, businesses and events.

3D Character Blue Lira by MoniGarr

3D Character Blue Lira by MoniGarr.com

3D Character Blue Lira by MoniGarr is available as AR Posters, Instagram & Facebook Filters.

Aliena . Her eyes, ears, hands and feet are big and she will kick your ass. She is responsible for security of her planet, her sisters and auntie. Her knowledge of chemicals, physics and various natural laws of more than 5 million planets and galaxies i

3D Characters XAlien by MoniGarr.com

Aliena, Alienab and Alienac are sisters from a blue planet in a distant galaxy from Earth. They enjoy visiting Earth to meet with their friends in the deep oceans and planet’s core to discuss music and random hobbies they all pursue.

3D Character Wari by MoniGarr

3D Character : Wari by MoniGarr.com

3D Character Wari by MoniGarr is scheduled to appear in upcoming XR Web Series ‘Red Headed Savage’

3D Character Vicky Uno by MoniGarr

3D Character Vicky Uno by MoniGarr.com

Vicky Uno is a 3D character designed by MoniGarr for XR projects (3D, 2D, vr, 360, 180, animation, film, video game, chatbots, unity projects, unreal projects).

3D Tiny Skyships by MoniGarr

3D Tiny Sky Ships

    I made a tiny spaceship (low res) that I can do more texture / material experiments on for my XR projects with various lighting and vfx.  I enjoy designing new textures and materials (procedural, tileable…) with a wide variety of tools including Adobe Substance 3D Designer, Painter, Sampler, Texture Lab, JSPlacement and anything […]

3D Huckleberry for XR projects designed by MoniGarr

3D Huckleberries: 2020

3D Huckleberry environment designed by MoniGarr for IM4MediaLab; Tracey Kim Bonneau to use in her project.

3D Hummingbird by MoniGarr

3D Hummingbirds: March 2020

3D Hummingbird designed by MoniGarr with a 2D Hummingbird reference by Jolene Andrews.

3D Forest Prototype by MoniGarr

3D Forest Prototype

3D Forest Environment Prototype by MoniGarr for XR projects produced with an old laptop and Blender 3.2 #3D #blender #animation

Sky Ship ConceptDraw created with DALL-E AI Generator

Sky Ships

Sky Ships by MoniGarr #3D #UnrealEngine #Maya #SubstanceDesigner #SubstancePainter #animation #blender

The Red Queen

The Red Queen, The Red King & their Golden Synthetica Army in the Ancient Adirondack Mountains

“Red Queen Synthetica” by MoniGarr, is a science fiction film set in the year 3333. The Red Queen is an advanced Synthetica V3 Robot living in the Ancient Adirondack Mountains.