In the Woods – Karhakon

I designed Karhakon (In the Woods) 3D Environment with Oculus Rift and TiltBrush VR to be used in our upcoming XR projects (360 films, flat films, VR, AR, MR, animations).

You can also view Karhakon and navigate with your web browser:

Inspired by my morning hike in the woods this morning in Akwesasne. It’s early spring season, just rained and water droplets hung on all the branches and melted snow pooled around the trees creating many puddles.

I add insects, ground, characters, sky, audio and interactive features as separate 3D objects in Unity, UnReal and Blender for my various XR Projects (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality).

Contact to use in your XR projects or to have MoniGarr design new custom 3D objects & scenes for your projects.

One Thousand Useful Mohawk Words:

Digital Art Experiments by MoniGarr

Albums of various digital art experiments with wacom tablet, blender, adobe, insta360 studio, 360 cameras, mandelbulber, meshlab, gimp, sparkar and more.

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Space Tunnel 20

Space Tunnel 20

Space Tunnel 20

I’m designing this for a VR project that I’m experimenting with physics, reality, music, colors, math, etc. It will look different in VR because of the neat particle systems and other interactions I’m adding. It feels like being in a large cavern with many echoes when visiting this one from inside a high quality VR headset.

I’ve also started 3D scanning myself and others so we can represent friendly digital visitors in these spaces.

-Update- January 3rd 2020 12:14 am