provides 3D Creation Workshops for participants with older laptops and equipment to create their own 3D environments for XR Projects (vr, ar, games, projection, films, animations, spatial audio, interactive films, etc.)

MoniGarr made a 3D forest environment this weekend to test out some Blender 3 features regarding grease pencil, animation, rendering and hand painting on an older laptop (from 2015)  to see what is possible with an older setup and free software:

Software: free

  • Blender 3.2
  • Windows Photos Video Editor

An MSI Laptop (2015):  about $1200 or less usd

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
  • 16GB Ram
  • 64-bit OS
  • Intel i7
  • Windows 10 Home

A Drawing Tablet:  about $100 or less usd

  • Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet (small one)
  • Huion Drawing Tablet

    The finished 3D Forest prototype looks like a great option for producing 3D environments for our XR projects.

    The audio is ‘Forest Welcoming Song’ created by MoniGarr collaborating with AI tools. You can use MoniGarr’s audio on your own social media posts (no words on my audio for those that like to use them for practicing your Kanien’keha speaking skills) — Just search for ‘MoniGarr’ when you ‘add audio / music’ to your instagram posts.

    This little 3D environment will be nice for MoniGarr’s stories in production. It’s inspired by the real world forest surrounding MoniGarr’s home office in Kawehnoke ko:wa area of Akwesasne Indian Reservation.

    MoniGarr and their team are available to be hired or to provide high level to extremely technical training about the many aspects of XR Production for Storytelling and Indigenous Language Revival & Retention to produce your own brand new 3D environments, hero props and characters for your films, animations, stories, vr, ar, video games, projections and more.

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