I developed the AI Bots API with a combination of self hosted open source resources ( lamp stack, aiml bot, programO ) and my own aiml files based on my past bronze medal winner for most knowledgeable bot.

AI Bots API Project Goals:

Give developers & designers a developer key access to plug Bronze Medal Winner (Most Knowledgeable) Chatbots into their own web and software projects with a few lines of code. My Chatbots respond with json to provide various niche market content including:

  • New Chatbots custom made for the developer’s business goals & requirements.
  • Endangered Language Translations & Discussions.
  • Onkwehonwe Discussions: culture, geography, history, languages, art, contemporary and modern events, people, projects.
  • Business Rep Discussions: sales, services, products
  • Education Discussions: quizzes, scoring, tutorials
  • Entertaining Discussions: jokes, riddles, puzzles, games

AI Bots API Solutions: