Dream Space 444

Another VR Environment I am creating.

Designed by MoniGarr (Monica Peters) with TiltBrush on Oculus Rift: swirling sky ribbons, metallic flowery spheres.

VR Environment I created for future endangered language revival projects. I designed this to be similar to what I saw in a dream I had about how the mind works and processes information.

I had the dream when I was healing from a health crisis that nearly took my life. I was reading alot about how our nervous system works and how the brain sends messages out to the rest of our body and this VR Environment shows some of what I saw in my dreams during that time.

The sky ribbons represent our nerves, the spheres represent the various messages that float around touching the sky ribbons.

The spheres are inspired by another VR environment I designed titled “Kakwitene VR”

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