I created these prototypes in 2018. You can hire me to spend time with you and your group to show you how we make XR prototypes and full XR experiences with Unity3D, UnReal Engine, Tilt Brush, Blender, C# and my own Onkwehonwehneha A.I. techniques. My team at MoniGarr.com is also available to bring our exclusive XR experiences to your locations and host an edutaining experience for you and your group too.

Early release testing a VR Environment concept I am creating for Oculus.

I plan to have the final project ready for public downloads later this summer 2018 with Kanienkeha narration about this sky world (not ‘the skyworld’) that I am building out with my imagination… based on my own world view that has been heavily influenced by my life in the Akwesasne Indian Reservation and my travels / visits with friends and relatives in many other Indian Reservations (mostly Kanienkehake aka Iroquoian).

Father Sun VR for Oculus

Sometimes I wonder why SkyWoman’s father pushed her out of Sky World?
Then I wonder how a physical human body could survive in Sky World – could a human body live in Sky World?
What form are we in when we visit Sky World?
How fast do we move around in Sky World?
Is the Sun and all his brothers, grandfathers, uncles also make us feel heat even when we are not in human form?
My imagination brings so many questions to me and I remember to be grateful we each have our own set of eyes, ears, brain, mouth to think, to question, to discuss and to process it all with.