Future Farmscrapers VR

I created these prototypes in 2017. You can hire me to spend time with you and your group to show you how we make XR prototypes and full XR experiences with Unity3D, UnReal Engine, Tilt Brush, Blender, C# and my own Onkwehonwehneha A.I. techniques. My team at MoniGarr.com is also available to bring our exclusive XR experiences to your locations and host an edutaining experience for you and your group too.

WIP: 2017 updated my futuristic farmscrapers for the #neonchallenge. https://youtu.be/SN-tMowEViE

Music “Water Blessing” included with permission from Nalini

Future Farmscrapers Version 1.0 Alpha for Oculus Rift.