Kakwitene in Oculus Store

Kakwitene is available in the Oculus store for both the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Go.

Kakwitene VR as an immersive edutainment experience to hear & practice speaking Kanien’kéha dialects.  Each level has a colorful scene based on Iroquois woodlands in the spring season. The first level focuses on Kanien’kéha colors.

Kakwitene VR Future levels will focus on the plants, animals and other aspects of what we see, hear and talk about in the spring season in Iroquois homelands.

Players get a tiny person’s view of the environment and fly around the colorful scene. They can fly into & sit inside flowers & colored pollen spheres to hear how to pronounce the colors. Higher end VR devices allow players to practice speaking Kanien’kéha dialects with custom hacked voice commands to change colors in the experience. Note: Kanien’kéha dialects have no speech engines, dictionaries so we force english phonetics with custom software programming for this feature.

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