Longhouse Palace in the Year 9900

The ancient Kanien’kéhake Longhouses inspired our Longhouse Palace design in the Great Pine Forest. The corridors are many miles long in every direction one looks. The structural columns are living tree beings that our society has a mutually respectful and caring relationship with.

During the beginning of the year 9900, the world’s most powerful colonizers cannibalized themselves while their weaponized Artificial Intelligence set everything and everyone on fire.

We knew it was going to happen eventually but we continued to do our duty working with the water beings and All of Creation with Ohenton Kariwahtehkwen and Onkwehonwehneha Ancient Intelligence.

So when the time came that the colonizers cannibalistic ways and ego powered weapons destroyed most of our Mother Earth’s natural resources and beings… our Mother Earth and the water beings protected our Great Pine Forest and our Longhouse Palace with a massive cover of water, pine, oak, tree beings, rock beings that still remain unnoticed and unknown to the rest of the destroyed planet today.

Now we roam our healing waters and Longhouse Palace in The Great Pine Forest peacefully.

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