Social 360 Film : Akwesasne Museum

This 360 Film is an exclusive 360 Film experience I was hired to create for the Akwesasne Museum in the summer of 2019. Nia:wen ko:wa to everyone involved in making such a wonderful 360 Film!  I can not mention their names nor show photos / videos of them but you can view it at the Akwesasne Museum Longhouse VR exhibit (call ahead to reserve your time).

I brought our Insta 360 One X Cameras out to an Iroquois Social Dance with children and teachers from a school in Akwesasne.  The 360 Film can be viewed at the Akwesasne Museum on their Oculus Go device in the Longhouse VR Exhibit.

I set up the camera in the middle of organic action (no directing, no scripts – all action happened as naturally / organically as possible).  I tried to avoid heavy editing because we did not want to go over the budget and my time was extremely limited when I worked on this project.  The end result is a 360 Film that viewers have said makes them feel happy and joyful.  The wonderful youth singing and dancing around the 360 camera gives the viewer a sense of the energy and good medicine that Onkwehonwe songs and dancing provide.

I now have 360 film editors available for projects that require heavy film editing in the future though.