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MoniGarrComBlackText’s Story’s team develops – publishes – updates custom software solutions, tech workshops and tech support for clients in USA and Canada.

We develop XR solutions (VR, AR, MR) with Unity3d, ARKit, ARCore for Oculus, Vive, Google and other XR devices.

We also develop custom software for iOT requirements with XCode and Android Studio (calibrating devices, debugging devices and communications between iOT devices).

MoniGarr is the founder of tech company that was created in the early 1990s and it has gone through many changes reflecting the consistent and rapid change of Internet technologies and my own career in the tech industries.

My artist name is MoniGarr and I am the founder of LLC. I developed my first Eliza bot in the mid 1970s on my father’s Tandy TRS-80 from Radio Shack, when I was a very young girl just learning how to read.  I had to hide my software programming activities and other interests because girls were not allowed to do the kind of activities I preferred (taking apart / reverse engineering electronics – engines – machines, making software and figuring out math challenges).

I’ve been working in the tech industry since the early 1990s. One of my older bots competed in the world’s first chatbot challenges against teams from NASA and many other teams & individuals I respect (including today’s Loebner winner). I had to fight to get my bot included in the competition because I created it to help Revive Endangered Languages and the competitions & judging for ‘AI’ is based on English Language & Society views of Intelligence.

In 2004, my software earned a Bronze Medal for ‘Most Knowledgeable Bot’ and have been quietly working on that software since the early 1990s. I refer to it as ‘Onkwehonwehneha AI‘. A rough translation: Native Way of Doing Ancient Intelligence.  My Endangered Language Revival software, projects and tech workshops have a strong focus on Respect for All of Creation.

Today, I build XR Environments, Teach XR Workshops, Provide XR Tech Consultations & Demos that continue my history of Onkwehonwehneha AI.  Much of my work focuses on maintaining a strong healthy respectful world view of self and all others in Creation.

Like many people; I survived child abuse, health crisis (died & came back a few times), years as a homeless teen in a brand new city after running away from my childhood abusers, many years of bullying over my identity as an Onkwehonwe woman, as a woman working in a ‘man’s industry’ and other isms.  I am fortunate my Grandparents and many others in the Akwesasne Indian Reservation helped to raise me because that is where my endurance, strength and ability to comprehend Ohenton Kariwahtehkwen, Onkwehonwehneha AI and other Natural Laws comes from.

I’m also fortunate I get to work with many clients and contractors on my own team that have a similar world views regarding Respect for All of Creation with acknowledgement of how our work will affect future generations (because this is very different from dominant Colonization & English world views / social constructs).  I have a pretty good life now; I hope my story and my company’s story helps people to overcome isms with their own unique gifts, excellence and to experience happiness & success too.’s Mission

Ancient Intellect comes from Natural Laws, Onkwehonwehneha and Gratitude for All of Creation.

Respect For All of Creation. Onkwehonwehneha AI tahnon Ohenton Kariwahtehkwen (Thanksgiving Address).

Legacy What is our work leaving behind for Future Generations’ benefit in the next year, 3 years, 7 years?

Shared Knowledge. Sharing our information with Respect for All of Creation and acknowledging the impact of our work on future generations helps us to be surrounded by empowered, strong, healthy and happy clients, coworkers and peers.’s Process

We make small, fast and precise iterations through our process to help position our projects and clients for relevant success.

  1. Analyze, Define & Plan. We look right into the core of issues, challenges, problems and pain that are presented to us to help overcome. Our mission helps us to go right to the source of the pain and overcome it with detailed plans that respect everyone’s abilities, budgets, schedules and other considerations.
  2. Develop.  The detailed plans from step one allow our team to make the solution happen. We tend use an ‘XTreme’ development process with bits of Agile and occasionally Waterfall (to accommodate client’s Legacy processes). Our developers do daily standups to help verify their own focus is matching the project goals, missions and for accountability to the rest of the team (5 minutes to verbally or written state what they completed yesterday, what they are doing today and point out any blockers). This allows us to build a complete solution with industry standard stable SDLC (software development life cycle) processes while still proceeding with our core Mission and working within the established project schedule, budget and expectations.
  3. Distribute. When our solution(s) are tested and verified to work as expected, we go into distribution mode. Each project is different but this often requires us to setup software store listings, install our software to new or legacy devices, setup enterprise software access and other tasks that are unique for each client.
  4. Train. We provide technical training and technical support for our clients to verify they know how to benefit the most from the solution they hired us to build for them.
  5. Maintain, Measure & Accountability. The final step in our process is to verify our client is positioned to benefit the most from the solutions they hired us to develop. This is unique for each client but often translates to a client having a monthly maintenance service or monthly tech training or monthly tech support session with our team plus monthly analytics to help with all current and future decision making.