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Founders: Monica Peters & Walter Peters

Remote Contractors: We hire relevant experienced remote contractors to also work on our projects as  Fluent Kanien’kéha speakers / writers / editors,  Graphic Designers, Software Architects – Engineers – Developers, Website Admins, Marketing Specialists, Legal Counsel and many other roles as needed.

Skye Nelson designed the fabulous intricate black ash / sweetgrass basket seen in our Longhouse VR experience available at the Akwesasne Museum & Cultural Center. She is a highly skilled 3D generalist working in the 343 proprietary Slipspace engine for Halo Infinite. She also made the FallOut Hotel & Casino mentioned toward the end of this list.

G. Vincent Foster is a professional software developer & programmer that helped our team debug & correct issues with Unity scripts and assets for our XR experiences.

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