Mobile App Development Services

Hire LLC to schedule time for our experienced team to provide mobile software services as :

  • a developer or dev team solely responsible for all your mobile software development services.
  • work with your current team of experienced developers or train your current team.
  • help to build a new team of mobile software developers for your company.
  • flexible to integrate with your preference : Fast Prototype, MVP, XT, Agile, Kanban, TDD … LLC promotes current industry standards because they have engineering teams that are strongly invested in keeping them stable, secure and able to provide roi for teams that use their tech resources.  We develop software solutions with the goal of high return on investment for everyone involved in any aspect of the software products and services (business owners, investors, engineers, developers, end users).

Some of the tech resources we build solutions with include: Unity3D, Android Studio, XCode, GitHub, GitLab, Git, Jenkins, Google ecosystem, java, kotlin, flutter, objective-c, swift, C#, Vive, Oculus, Google Cardboard & Daydream, Odyssey, open-source & commercial resources and more.

Mobile App Development Training

You and your team can learn how to build mobile apps with real world projects and current tech industry standards. LLC designs real world projects for you to add to your own on-line portfolio and resume as proof of your experience and skills.

Mobile App Development Publishing

Hire LLC to publish your software with current tech industry standards for the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Oculus Store, Vive Store and Steam Store. You want to avoid software publishing hacks and workarounds because security, high roi and stability is important for your business big picture.

Mobile App Development Maintenance

Hire LLC to debug, update and maintain your software products with hourly, weekly or monthly services to fit your specific requirements and budget.

Mobile App Development Consulting

Hire LLC to gather your technical project requirements, document your requirements for business decision makers and software engineers, to plan your project schedules / budgets and to recommend technology solutions that will work with your current resources, budgets, goals and requirements.