Onkwehonwehneha Tech Workshops

MoniGarr.com can provide customized tech workshops and training for up to 10 Onkwehonwe and allies at our office in Akwesasne.  We can also travel to your location to help your team of any size get experience with interesting new technologies while building out solutions to add to your portfolio. Our training is collaborative and we adapt the content & activities according to the current present participants in the training group.

Our tech workshops can be half day, full day, full week and many weeks.  This is a great solution for learning about the latest & greatest technology solutions while you are actually building solutions as you learn about the tech.  Your trainer(s) are experienced with the technologies and receive training to provide you with high quality respectful training (Trainers need to be trained too).  The topics we focus on for helping our clients benefit the most from technology solutions include: Endangered Language Revival, Land Claims, Cultural Revitalization, Cultural Appropriation, Indiginous Languages, Tourism, Community Empowerment, Remote Work Teams, Internet Technologies, Unity3d, Unreal, Adobe Creative Suite, Projection Mapping, NLP, Programming Languages (java, kotlin, swift, objc, dart, php, c#, javascript…).

Testimonials from some of our past tech workshop participants: http://monigarr.com/testimonials/

Example of our Onkwehonwehneha Tech Workshop:


  1. Describe XR Safety Concerns
  2. Describe VR Motion Sickness: what, why
  3. Describe how to overcome & avoid VR Motion Sickness
  4. Create VR Safety Checklist, Waiver, Agreement Worksheet (keep your insurance costs reasonable)


9:00        Introductions

9:30        XR : VR vs AR vs MR

10:00     FAST BREAK

10:05     Intro: XR Safety

10:45     VR Simulator Sickness

11:00      FAST BREAK

11:05      VR Simulator Sickness : Overcome & Avoid

Noon        Lunch One Hour

1:00         Q & A

1:15         XR Safety Agreements / Checklists

1:45        BREAK 15 MINUTES

2:00        XR History

2:45        Q & A

3:00        FAST BREAK

3:00        VR for Endangered Language Revival Examples

3:30         Q & A

4:00        FAST BREAK

4:05        VR Project Requirements

4:30        Review Tomorrow’s Activities

4:45        Q & A



Experience the VR Devices: Wear them, Fitness, Play, Gamification, Meditate: Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard, Windows MR Devices…


VR Content Options: 360 film, 360 video, 360 image, games, experiences, industries (game, health, government, education, factories…)


Learn & Describe VR Project Requirements: business requirements, contracts, costs, equipment, physical space, storyboard, hardware, software, devices, sdk licenses, tech stacks


Typical Workshop Costs:

USD prices subject to change and must be negotiated with written agreement for each groups’ requirements (equipment, travel, licensing, etc).

$800 / Day – One Tech Trainer for 10 Participants. Travel, equipment, licenses are extra cost if relevant.