Kanien’kéha Workshops designed by and for Akwesasneron interested in making their own content that is a mix of traditional, non-traditional, high tech, no tech, digital, no digital.  These workshops are live, in person, in Akwesasne.


These workshops are live in person, designed by & for Akwesasneron.  All ages welcome: Children are welcome and must be accompanied by their parent / guardian at all times.

Each 1 hour workshop is dedicated to showing you various options & techniques that Onkwehonwe Artists / Engineers / Speakers / Students / Teachers / People use to create Kanien’kéha Revival & Retention resources.

MoniGarr will contact you to verify the date / time / location of your workshop with you after full payment is received.

Example of the topics, discussion and demos that we can provide during this 1 hour, live, in person workshop.  Bring your specific questions to the workshop so that you can get the most relevant info for your own goals and to enable you to do the best you can with what you have to work with.

  • Kanien’kéha XR
  • Onkwehonwehneha AI
  • Kanien’kéha Chatbots
  • Kanien’kéha Augmented Reality
  • Kanien’kéha Virtual Reality
  • Kanien’kéha AR fashion, jewelry, accessories
  • Kanien’kéha Digital Production
  • Kanien’kéha Non Digital Production
  • Kanien’kéha Animation, Film, 2D, 3D
  • Kanien’kéha Audio, Spatial Audio…
  • Kanien’kéha Phone Ringers
  • Kanien’kéha Screensavers
  • Kanien’kéha Books, prints, posters, flash cards
  • Digital Art Techniques
  • Non Digital Techniques
  • Software architecture, engineering, design, programming, production, distribution
  • Ancient Intelligence collaborating with Artificial Intelligence
  • Generative Art techniques, history, challenges,