Figment of Imagination : Human+ AI by MoniGarr

Figment of Imagination : Human+ AI One hour experience with 432 Hz ambient audio. You; the viewer projects your own narrative story onto these visuals. The Human Artist+ AI Generator produce this mirror and hope the reflection narratives are kind, patient and respectful. MoniGarr is an XR Producer / Artist based in Akwesasne.

Feral Women 2022 XR by MoniGarr

Karhakonhronon tewáhsen tewen’niáwe tāhnon tewáhsen tékeni ne XR Feral Women 2022 Exhibit is an XR experience produced & designed by MoniGarr. Contact MoniGarr to schedule Artist talk, event and performance.

3D Sky Ships by MoniGarr

360 Dog Run by MoniGarr

Digital Art by MoniGarr

Flight of the Flower Fractal by MoniGarr with Guitarist Walter Peters

Spider Dance by MoniGarr

Ruby Dance by MoniGarr

Snow City 3D Fractal Environment by MoniGarr

Fractal Brain Math by MoniGarr

XR Experience by MoniGarr