VR Art Classes – 7 to Adult

Visit MoniGarr.com’s locations in Akwesasne or ask MoniGarr to bring the VR Art classes to your location to Cornwall Ontario and Akwesasne. We can also travel to your location anywhere in North America.

About Your Instructor

I’m founder of local tech company MoniGarr.com and winner of many tech awards since the early 1990s. I am multi-racial and self-identify as Onkwehonwe. I create & teach XR and tech workshops for IM4 (Indigenous Matriarchs 4) at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, the University of Victoria and other locations in North America.
Much of my work focuses on using internet technologies to build & maintain endangered language revival & retention projects, Indigenous Futurism experiences and of course the surrounding north east woodlands influences much of my art work.
I produce & sell XR experiences, games and 360 Films worldwide. You can see some of my work on APTN (Future History TV, Coyote Science and the NAAF Awards), in many tech magazines, software books and news articles since the early 1990s.

What We will do

Take your time and enjoy making your own 3D art.


  • Very Brief intro to XR history, safety and current features.
  • Intro to VR Devices: features, options, fitting, guardian system.
  • Intro to VR Stores and Art Creator Experiences (Tilt Brush, Quill, Medium)
  • Tilt Brush Tutorials: sculpt, erase, copy, paste, brushes, save, delete, share.
  • Video Tutorial Demos from famous Artists: tilt brush, quill, medium.
  • VR Demos: 360 Films, VR Experiences, VR Games with Tilt Brush Art.

FREE STYLE: Go right into Tilt Brush & Ask any questions or for help anytime during your session.

  • Save your art to your portfolio (share or private).
  • Share your art with VR Game Developers to Purchase from you.
  • Send your art to 3D Printers.

VR Class Location

We will conduct our workshop at our old family farmhouse on Cornwall Island in the Akwesasne Indian Reservation. We are surrounded by more than 15 acres of natural woodland forest. or you can bring us to your location anywhere in North America

If weather permits, we will be outside in our gazebo in a clearing next to our home or on the back porch overlooking the mighty St. Lawrence River. We can go indoors to my private office if the outdoors is uncomfortable too.

Provided for you


MoniGarr can pick you up in Cornwall (Lowe’s Home Improvement Parking Lot on Brookdale Ave), bring you to our location and return you to Lowe’s Home Improvement Parking Lot on Brookdale Ave in Cornwall Ontario, when your art session is done. ** Youth must be accompanied by parent.

EQUIPMENT Safety equipment

First Time at MoniGarr VR Art Class: VR face mask that I designed and sewed for you to keep. It is soft, re-usable, washable and keeps your bare skin off VR devices that the general public uses. It also helps to stop or lessen what we call ‘VRacoon Face’ (dark red lines & indentation around your eyes from wearing VR devices.